Rappers Review Movies

Yes. YES! This exists! Friends of mine told me about this and I didn’t believe it. Having now spent an hour on the site, I can confirm that this is a thing and whoever thought of it deserves an award.

Watch Necro doing a musical review of Les Miserables (“Russell Crowe, who did you blow, to get in this show…”) who believes that Les Mis would have benefitted from a zombie crossover. Watch Skee Lo (and Mrs. Skee Lo) talking about The Hobbit where he calls Bilbo a “G”. Watch Panjabi MC talk about Life of Pi in which he describes the shipwreck scene as “off the hook” and discusses his struggle to work out if the tiger was CGI or real.

For a taster watch Cypress Hill review Cloud Atlas. I gotta say the review looks better than the film!

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