Old Book Hides

Elva Carri contacted me via email last week to tell me about her range of upcycled hardback notebooks, called Old Book Hides. Elva makes notebooks and sketchbooks out of old hardback books. She did acknowledge that as I writer I may find this whole process brutal but she reassured me that, “I mind the insides…I don’t just burn them or laugh as I rip them apart or something.” The books come hand bound or wiro bound. The hand bound ones can also include some of the original book pages and the wiro-bound ones can also come with page refills.

The notebooks are very reasonably priced and a great way to re-use old books that may otherwise be chucked out. Elva sells her wares online at oldbookhides.com or can be found at the Dublin Flea Market on the last Sunday of every month.

Enid Blyton Notebook Cover – €5
Writer’s Notebook – €9
Vintage Ladybird Notebooks – €15

2 thoughts on “Old Book Hides

  1. elva carri

    *like* you should see the process of dismantling them to hand bind them. it’s like a surgical operation 🙂 thanks again Alex, can’t wait to share the link!

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