Headboard dilemma

My room is too small length-ways to consider putting a headboard behind my bed; I just don’t have enough (bed)room. It’s annoying as I think a headboard really finishes off a bedroom and makes it look smart. I had been toying with the idea of making something from a piece of foamboard covered with some gorgeous fabric but when I saw these headboard decals from Blik (forwarded to me by my wonderful friend Kelly) I thought they could be another really cool option.

Blik have several styles available in a range of sizes to suit double, queen and king beds, and in many different colours too. The decals are only $40 so not a major financial commitment, and if you get bored with it after a while you can simply unpeel it from the wall and you’re back to where you started. I may have to invest!

Sophie Headboard by Mina Javid on Blik
Nessa Headboard by Mina Javid on Blik
Ava Headboard by Mina Javid on Blik
Wrought Iron Headboard by Mina Javid on Blik

5 thoughts on “Headboard dilemma

  1. Maybe-later

    What a fab idea!
    I have a bedstead,and I hate it. Rickety old thing. I am definitely going to get a divan next time,, so these are perfect..I could have a bejewelled festooned headboard, then paint over it as I wish!

  2. I love this idea and the first one is gorgeous, 40 bucks tho… How about stencilling your own…? A creative lass like yourself dearest Alex, you’d do wonders I bet! 🙂 Xx

    1. Whisty, thanks for your confidence in my creative abilities but I reckon they only extend to words! I am singularly the worst artist of all time; I can’t stay inside the lines and stick figures are a big ask! However I may just ask an arty friend of mine if she has any ideas…

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