Happy New Year!

In the run-up to Christmas I was a bad bad blogger! I was DJing a lot, writing and then getting my house ready for its housewarming. Apparently my housewarming should have carried a health warning as no less than four people, including me, were struck down by the Norovirus (AKA Winter Vomiting Bug or worst twenty four hours of my recent life). Next time I invite the under threes to a party I may make them wear biohazard suits. Misleadingly cute lil feckers. Anyway I apologise for the blogging silence but things will be back to their regular schedule in 2013.

I’ve been thinking about the blog recently as it’s now over three years old and in need of an update. I’d like to dream up new content ideas and hunt down collaborators for the coming year to keep things challenging and fresh. While I will keep the same format with plenty of film and book reviews, and plenty of fashion stories, there will be new elements this year so keep your eyes peeled!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve tonight and a great year in 2013. I shall be DJing tonight in the First Floor Bar and Restaurant at Harvey Nichols where there is a Gatsby themed party. It promises to be both glamour and fun filled! I’ll be back to blogging on January 2nd.

Lastly if I was DJing at your New Year’s Eve party this would be my first song after the countdown. Happy dancing!

One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Ruth Griffin

    Excellent choice of song!! Happy new year mrs. Aj was also sick!! Mare. Sorry kids are germ factories!! X

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