The Blonds

My passion for silver is well documented on the blog, from huge silver cocktail rings to trousers and of course silver shoes. I think if I became exceedingly rich and had the money to indulge in my ideal wardrobe, I would dress like an intergalactic-robot-warrior-dandy. By which I mean, tons of metallics, diamonds and platinum, and armour where at all possible. New York designers The Blonds would definitely be on my list of people to commission an outfit from.

The Blonds are design duo David and Philippe Blond, reknowned for their over the top tongue-in-cheek aesthetic, and most famous for their embellished structured corsets. I reckon if I win the lottery over Christmas The Blonds could create the perfect outfit for me for New Year’s Eve. After all who doesn’t want to look like a Mad Max/Star Wars/Vegas showgirl hybrid at least one night a year?! (Just me? Fair enough…)

"Legends" collection, FW 2008
“Legends” collection
"Legends" collection, FW 2008
“Legends” collection
"Strange Fruit" collection
“Strange Fruit” collection
"Forbodden City" collection
“Forbidden City” collection
"Dye Blond" collection - FW 2013
“Dye Blond” collection

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