Ben The Illustrator

Since I moved into my home three months ago I have managed to paint my house, hang up some paintings and install my library, so now I am turning my attention to the little things that make a big difference. One of these is lampshades. I never thought I’d care about this sort of thing but such is the life of a homeowner! I need four lampshades; one each for my bedroom, living room, kitchen and office (I’ll talk about the chandelier I need for my kitchen at a later date!).

Whilst browsing on etsy I came across Ben the Illustrator’s shop which is based in the UK and really liked his digitally printed homewares. I am in the process of ordering the black lampshade in the first picture for my bedroom – it’s a statement piece I know but I loved the oriental inspired print. Ben also creates cushions and cards featuring his striking and often whimsical prints and you can find them all on his etsy shop.



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