If you read fashion blogs on a regular basis you’ll be familiar with the brand Weekday as it features in a lot of bloggers’ wardrobes. Weekday is a Swedish brand that started in late 2000 and their first retail store was only open on Saturdays and Sundays hence was called Weekend. They opened another store in Sweden which was open every day and so the brand name Weekday was born. Weekday have now partnered with H & M and they will bring their stores to a number of locations around the globe. The stores stock the Weekday brand as well as other labels such as Cheap Monday, Back, Orjan Andersson, Rodebjer and Christophe Lemaire.

Weekday clothes are well made staple pieces that will fit into any wardrobe. They do a complete range from clothing right through to accessories and jewellery and best of all everything is very affordable, dare I say it verging on a steal!

Fingers crossed one of their new locations will be in Ireland!

Zimbra Blouse
Nikita Jacket
Public Coat
Bullit Split Hem Trousers
Century Ring
PC Shine Metal Belt

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