Practice Batgirl

Halloween is always a big deal amongst my friends. Last year I did a Halloween week on the Multiverse which had the following posts: The Raven as read by Christopher Walken on Monday; costume inspiration courtesy of my friend Mo on Tuesday; Spooky Tunes on Wednesday; Scary Movies on Thursday; and randomness in the form of pumpkin carving on Friday. This year I wasn’t half as organised!

Tomorrow night I’m going to my friend Mo’s costume party and it’s guaranteed to be brilliant fun. I’ve been kicking around three ideas and one of them was Batgirl, primarily because I have a great navy blue sequin bat mask (who doesn’t?!). Anyway this idea didn’t make the final cut but I did quite like the make-up which was primarily half a ton of Shu Uemura navy eyeshadow and Make Up Forever black glitter applied with Smith’s Rosebud Salve (best thing for making sure the glitter doesn’t move, plus it gives a nice sheen!).

If only I could find somewhere that I could wear this on a random Friday night. Dressing up’s for life, not just Halloween!

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