Heart Plucker Ring

Halloween parties are almost upon us and most people I know are scrambling around trying to get the elements of the perfect costume. Having watched Snow White and The Huntsman recently I had thought that Ravenna, the evil queen, would be a brilliant costume, although a little bit expensive to put together especially if you want to copy her jewellery!

I thought the movie was relatively awful (anything starring Kristen Stewart generally tends to be, in my opinion) but I fell in love with Ravenna’s look and jewellery, particularly the heart plucker ring which is actually a piece of jewellery I would wear in real life. Designed by British designer Solange Azagury-Partridge specifically for the movie, it is a blackened sterling silver, dual-fingered piece with sharp talons and a studded base decorated with cubic zirconia.

The ring is available at Solange Azagury-Partridge’s Madison Avenue store in New York but if you want to buy it you’d better have a pretty hefty bank balance as it retails at $15,500. You can order a custom version with precious stones instead of the cubic zirconia but I reckon you’d be into eye watering financial territory! A girl can dream…

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