Wall Space

I thought I had a fairly decent collection of paintings and artwork until I moved in and saw all the blank walls in my new house! I definitely don’t have enough to fill all the wall space but that’s fine, I think an art collection should grow over time and be a reflection of a person’s journey through life. Art-by-the-yard is not something I’m interested in (and if I see any more of those Keep Calm… posters I’ll lose my reason!).

My art collection is mostly made up of paintings and drawings – I have very little in the way of typographic posters or prints. When I saw this poster which features a quote from Napoleon Bonaparte I knew it was going on the wishlist for my kitchen!

Napoleon Bonaparte poster by Stephen Kenny

I also loved this hand-cut silhouette papercut by Tina Tarnoff on etsy. It’s customisable so you can have any quote you like on it. I have one by Hemingway in mind.

Words of Wisdom by Tina Tarnoff

These two will be affordable additions that I can purchase soon. Buying paintings will be a much more expensive process and therefore will take a bit longer. Good job I have all the time in the world to decorate!


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