Home is where the office is…

What was going to be the second bedroom in my new house has ended up being so small that its purpose has now been changed into that of a dedicated home office. I’m delighted about this as I’ve always worked from my bedroom, balancing my laptop on my lap as I write, so a space where I can set up my computer and have all my reference books to hand is a dream come true.

I have been online looking for images to inspire me when decorating. A good desk and shelves are the main components of the room but how they will be organised is up for debate. Ideally the room shouldn’t be too cluttered or visually busy as one has to have a sense of calm when writing. The following pictures have been giving me food for thought.

1. I love the simplicity of the office in the first pic and obviously the drum stool is a genius idea as far as I’m concerned! Probably not the best support for one’s back though.

2. I love the wall collage in the second picture although it’s a little too busy for a writer’s room. However something like this in a small corner of my office might work. I quite like the idea of having pictures, quotes, post its, grouped together to evoke a character or mood that I’m trying to write about.

3. The cosiness of the desk in the third picture, particularly the warm light from pink lamps, is very inviting.

4. The pink chair in the IKEA home office lends a nicely feminine touch and I like the way they have injected some personal items to make it feel less sterile.

5. In contrast, the simplicity of the white home office with shelving really appeals to me.

Pic by Apartment Therapy
Pic by Apartment Therapy
Pic by The Glamourai
Pic by IKEA
Pic from The Cuban In My Coffee

4 thoughts on “Home is where the office is…

    1. I have always loved your interiors Kelly. Your office/bedroom in your house is amazing. You have such a good eye for these things – no surprise given your design background.

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