Tones of Home

A friend of mine told me about Tones of Home, an online Irish based shop that specialises in upcycled furniture, textiles and vintage pieces. The shop is a new venture by former graphic designer Niamh Dowling who has applied her visual sensibilities to furniture since completing a restoration course a couple of years ago. I’ve had a nose around the site and found some gorgeous pieces at very reasonable prices. There are lots of “sold” banners on the site so it looks like Niamh’s new business is already finding success. I shall definitely be in touch with her in the coming months as I add to my new house – hopefully she takes commissions so I can design my perfect bed headboard!

Chest of Drawers with brass handles – €160.00
Chevron chest of drawers in black and gold – €100.00
Vintage cage light with bakelite fitting and red silk twisted flex – €112.00
Vintage industrial cage light – €100.00
Happily ever after cushion – €55.00

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