Lifestyle by Cara

Etsy is a great source for furniture and home accessories. The only downside is that often the sellers are so far away that shipping is prohibitively expensive (for example I desperately wanted this chair from Monarch Restoration on etsy but when I enquired about shipping it was twice the price of the chair!).

Although at the moment my budget is going on essentials like crockery and cutlery, a kettle and an iron, I am still looking for gorgeous pieces of furniture that I can aim towards buying in the next year or so. Lifestyle by Cara is an Etsy shop based on Buenos Aires specialising in cowhide leather pieces. I have been looking for a textured white rug for my bedroom for ages and the ones below are perfect. Additionally as I want quite a small one I’m hoping it will be an affordable price. I love the chairs too, particularly the Cocktail Club below – a gorgeous accent piece in a living room.

Cocktail Club Chair
White Cowhide Rug
White Cowhide Butterfly Chair
Original Cowhide Butterfly Chair
White Triangles Cowhide Rug

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