As I promised last week, Multiverse readers can look forward to a plethora of home and interiors posts in the coming weeks as my house is renovated. This week the builders put up walls inside the house so it’s much easier to see how much space there is to work with. The bathroom in particular will be quite small and so I have been looking at wall storage options as they will take up less space.

I liked the idea of putting an old fashioned train luggage rack on the wall to store towels on. I have been scouring the internet to see what I can find but the only options seem to be rather more expensive than I had anticipated. The one from Restoration Hardware in the US is my favourite but it’s clocking in at almost $500. If anyone can let me know where to get a small one second-hand and much more cheaply, it would be much appreciated!

As always, click on the pics to be taken to their original site.

Luggage Racks from Trainspotters

Vintage Luggage Rack from Elemental

1930s French Brasserie Coat Rack from Restoration Hardware

Vintage Railway Luggage Rack by Andy Thornton

Luggage Rack from Recollections