A couple of years ago I posted about a great vintage furniture shop called Fuse Finds, run by Irish interior designer Danielle Reid. Danielle has since relocated to London and she and her husband recently opened up a new shop in Islington called Folklore. Folklore curates a selection of goods that are created with care and made to last. Some are handmade, antique or made from recycled or found materials. Others are easily recyclable at the end of their life. All are made in an environmentally mindful way. In addition Folklore has collaborated on exclusive furniture pieces with a number of leading designers including Soren Rose Studio in Copenhagen and Hendzel+Hunt in London.

The interior of the shop looks stunning, with Danielle’s trademark chic evident throughout. The Islington store, at 193 Upper Street, is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am – 6pm and ships worldwide.

Folklore Shop Interior
Folklore Shop Interior
Herringbone Blanket
Photographer’s Tripod Lamp
Porcelain Milk Bottle with Gold Stopper

Author: alexdonald

I'm a DJ and freelance writer living in Dublin, Ireland.

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