hendersweet Stationery on Etsy

I could spend hours and hours in stationery shops. I adore bulk buying cards for all occasions and I know I’ll finally be a proper adult when I have my own monogrammed stationery. There’s something gorgeous about receiving a card or handwritten letter in the post when it usually only contains bills and junk mail, and I enjoy sending cards for no reason other than to brighten someone’s day.

The handmade stationery by hendersweet on etsy are great “for all occasion” cards; handy to have in case of a birthday you’ve forgotten or a spontaneous thank you. Many of their cards have a literary theme with quotes from famous authors on the front. I love them, especially the Alice in Wonderland one pictured below.

“You’re entirely bonkers Alice”
“After all…”
“A Loving Woman”
“You Are So Much Sunshine”

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