I suppose you can guess where this post is headed. Draft Two of my as yet untitled second novel is complete! It took me longer than I expected but no matter, I’m just so glad to have gotten there at last. I have a tiny bit of checking to do in the next few days – things such as all the dates making sense and making sure minor characters’ names stay the same throughout the draft (you’d be amazed at the things you mess up on over the course of 65,000 words!). Then I’ll get four or five copies printed and send them to my trusted no-bullshit editors/friends for comments and criticism. I know I’ll have some more work to do when they give me their feedback but at that stage I would hope I’m looking at an edit or a polish rather than another major draft.

Now I’m going to drink some Prosecco in the sun and tomorrow I’ll start the composition of the all important query letter and synopsis. A writer’s work is never done!

One thought on “FINALLY…

  1. Sherry

    This is excellent news! Congrats on the hard work done so far and all very best with the feedback and all. Lol Sherry

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