Ultimate Luxury at 1stdibs.com

My apologies for the Multiverse being quiet of late (look, a tumbleweed!) but I have been a very busy DJ and this combined with frantic writing means that the blog took a backseat. Anyway, back to the business at hand…

1stdibs.com is one of those websites that seems utterly pointless to look at; well, pointless if you’re me and you don’t have a squillion quid to squander on all manner of indulgent luxuries. The tagline says it all; “The most beautiful things on earth”. Even though I don’t have the stupendous bank balance that would be required to actually buy anything on 1stdibs I sometimes spend twenty minutes dream-shopping on the site, finding the whole process very relaxing.

What kind of things can you find on 1stdibs? Life’s essentials really; fine art, jewellery, furniture, haute couture and “fine homes” (read: palatial international retreats at eye watering prices). The site collates items from dealers, ateliers and sellers all over the world and acts as a hub for the übermonied to shop. There are also curated sections on the site such as the small collection of Elsa Schiaparelli items for sale to coincide with the Met exhibition or the gorgeous collection of monochrome pieces that I drooled over recently!

So seeing as my birthday is coming up and friends of mine have been asking me if there’s anything I want, I thought I’d post a few items from 1stdibs here as a kind of emergency panic buying list for them.* Click on the pics to go to the item on the site and cry with horror/laughter/despair when you see the prices.

1970s Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche striped silk blouse from Rare Vintage
1960s Geoffrey Beene dress from Shrimpton Couture
House of Vionnet Grecian dress from Marilyn Glass
1930s handpainted kimono from Shrimpton Couture
Rolex Submariner from Fourtane
Diamond and sapphire ring from Shreve, Crump & Low

*Don’t worry guys, I know I’ll be lucky if I get a card!

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