Savvy Row (One for the Boys!)

In my quest to make the fashion section of this blog a bit more gender balanced I have been keeping an eye out for interesting men’s fashion and found exactly that with Savvy Row. It’s an online vintage store based in the UK that specialises in vintage British men’s tailoring, including Saville Row suits, morning coats, tuxedo jackets and trench coats. I even spied a rare Tommy Nutter suit on the site. They do small sizes so any woman looking for a bit of vintage suiting for her wardrobe could find something on the site. Considering the quality and age of the pieces they’re exceptionally well priced and certainly much cheaper than buying a new bespoke suit. Some of my favourite picks below (click on the pics to be taken to the item on the Savvy Row site).

1960s Velvet Tuxedo Jacket
1930s Camel Coat with Bakelite Buttons
1991 Tommy Nutter Three Piece Suit
1920s Wool Evening Tailcoat

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