I got a new pair of glasses last year and they’re kind of a love ’em or hate ’em proposition. I have been variously told that they are “harsh”, “overpowering” and “sexy in a French girl way”, so take from that what you will! Yes I’m very pale and have a small face, and yes the glasses are large, angular and tortoiseshell so they’re not exactly subtle but I love them. They’re by Theo and I got them in Optica where I have been going for years – check them out…

Soixante Deux frames by Theo

However when you wear something every single day you can tend to get a bit bored. I’m thinking of having the prescription updated on my old Tom Ford spectacles so I can wear them again but a third pair in rotation would be good too. I recently found Retrospecs online – a company that carries old stock from brands including Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, YSL and Givenchy, as well as tons of vintage frames. There’s a section devoted to vintage NHS frames, some of which look quite cool proving that everything becomes fashionable eventually, and even a section for monocles!

Some that caught my eye below (sorry, but you didn’t think I do a whole post on glasses without a pun did you?!) – click the pics to be taken to the particular frames on the Retrospecs site.

1960s Christian Dior glasses
1960s Anglo American Rox 2 Glasses
2000s Booth and Bruce P025 Glasses

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