Table Lighting Chair

I discovered a brilliant furniture shop in Dublin a few weeks ago. It’s called Table Lighting Chair and they have a small shop on Pleasant’s Street just beside Cake Cafe with a larger warehouse in Donore Avenue.

The shop is chockablock with amazing finds – I spotted a cart on wheels which would have made a great portable bar, vintage sofas, and numerous sideboards and dressing tables. I had a quick chat with the owner who also informed me that they have access to a reupholstering service in Donore Avenue, so if you have any old sofas or chairs that need a makeover you can get it done to your exact specifications – check out an example here.

I shall definitely be visiting the shop in the coming weeks as I’m moving into a new home in the summer. You can check out their blog here and like them on Facebook here.

1950s Rattan Bucket Chair
1950s G Plan Dressing Table
Set of 3 Vintage Metal Pendant Lights
1960s G Plan "Astro" Coffee Table

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