4:44 Last Day on Earth

Every Multiverse reader knows the depth of my love for disaster movies. 4:44 Last Day on Earth looks right up my street but given that it’s directed by Abel Ferrara it’s a disaster movie with a twist. Willem Dafoe and Shanyn Leigh star as a couple living in New York City. The film centres on the last hours of their lives as they face down the end of the world, which is due to occur at 4:44 in the morning. Although the reviews of the film haven’t been great, it’s definitely going on my must watch list.

4 thoughts on “4:44 Last Day on Earth

  1. Have I ever bored you about the movie Miracle Mile? Sounds similar in lots of respects. The 1st 15 minutes apart (which are terrible), it’s set in a near-deserted LA in the dead of night. The main character happens to be by a call box when the phone rings. He picks up to hear, apparently, a terrified missile silo soldier desperately trying to contact his father and tell him “we’re locked in…only 70 minutes”, only to find in the panic that he’s mis-dialled.

    After that the movie’s variously moody, eerie and brilliantly over the top, as the rumour spreads. It’s cartoonish and at times you’re not sure if he’s supposed to be dreaming. And you never find out til the very end if it was a prank call or genuine.

    It also has a great moody 80s synth soundtrack by the Tangerine Dream.

    Plus it’s generally nostalgically 80s-ish – the whole style of it, the fact people actually use call boxes, the fact that TV actually closes down over night

    Plus the bloke who plays Goose in Top Gun’s in it, and if that doesn’t persuade you to watch it, by golly nothing will.

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