There are bog-standard bloggers, there’s the cut above the rest, and then, in a league of her own, there’s Luxirare. She combines the familiar duo of food and fashion in her blog posts, but with her own unique aesthetic – flawless photography, original concepts, boundless creativity and more talent in her little finger than most bloggers dream of having.

Her fashion blog posts are different in that she has studied design. When she started out, she would document making an item to fill a gap in her wardrobe or complement something she already owned. There was such interest in her work that she now has an e-shop selling her own designs and some vintage pieces. I have been a visitor to her site for years and have spent hours getting inspiration in the archives. We have similar taste in many ways – like me she loves monochrome and she favours a minimal look with statement making accessories. What always blows me away is her precision, her presentation and her inventiveness. Everything she designs is well thought out with great attention to function as well as form, and perfectionism which is awe-inspiring. This is evident in her food posts as well and a visit to the archives would be a delight for any serious foodie.

I think that someone like Luxirare is a perfect example of how blogging and the online world can create an opportunity for someone who may otherwise have been overlooked. Luxirare has found her own audience and hasn’t had to dilute or compromise her aesthetic in the process and I admire her wholeheartedly for it. I have loved watching the evolution of her blog and hope that in the next few years she achieves the success she deserves.

If you like her designs below (click through to be taken to the relevant post on her site where she documents making the item) then have a look at more of her work in her e-shop, stacked full of gorgeous, beautifully made clothes and accessories.

Luxirare Half-Sleeve Leather Hoodies
Luxirare Camera Bag
Luxirare Chain Jacket
Luxirare Leopard Jacket
Luxirare Lace Biker Jacket
Luxirare Minivest

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