Wedding Guest Dresses

Two couples, all four of whom are good friends of mine, are getting married this year. I’m already looking around online (any excuse, really) for dresses that I could wear to each event – the same extended group will be at both weddings so it means I have to buy two dresses (which is the definition of a first world problem).

Four years ago two friends of mine got married (in fact the two that I was recently discussing baby names with – HI RICKY!) and I bought a very special dress to wear to their wedding. To put it in context, I was stupendously broke but also going through a tough time so I justified buying a very expensive designer dress that I could ill afford (thank you VISA) and was very excited to wear it. On arrival at the wedding literally the very first woman I saw was wearing the same dress. THE EXACT SAME DRESS. And, to be clear, it was a black 50’s style dress with enormous white polka dots so it wasn’t exactly inconspicuous. Suffice to say I’m more than a bit paranoid when choosing frocks for the upcoming nuptials.

Below are the my picks for wedding guest dresses. Some are obviously only feasible if money were no object (that ACNE dress is one of the most perfect dresses I’ve ever seen), mixed with some that are a bit more realistic (am thinking seriously about the Karl one).

ACNE "Baby" pink neoprene dress
Marc by Marc Jacobs "Dahlia" lace dress
Karl "Donna" sequined crepe dress
All Saints "Skull De Jouy" wrap-over dress

2 thoughts on “Wedding Guest Dresses

  1. Alex you should pop in to me, have a huge selection for dresses for weddings priced between €75 & €500 (not that many that expensive good lot around the 200/250 mark)

    PLUS – Alila’s niche is stocking labels you wont find anywhere else so that nightmare situation that happened won’t happen again!

    in the meantime check out xx

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