A Perfect Piece of Jewellery

I have always loved the idea of having armour. I think chainmail is beautiful and it’s simply the natural evolution of my obsession with silver jewellery. The perfect iteration of jewellery as armour is Daphne Guinness’ collaboration with Shaun Leane called Contra Mundum – a diamond and white gold glove perfectly moulded to fit Daphne’s arm.

Not having the budget to commission such a piece for myself, I have often thought how much I’d love to get something made in silver, some kind of armour like wrist wear. I was browsing a friend’s tumblr the other evening and I came across this photograph, featuring something that fits the bill perfectly. I have no idea as to the provenance of the picture so if anyone recognises it please enlighten me. Otherwise I’m going to have to take this picture to a silversmith and see how much it would cost to make this as a bespoke piece. AMAZING!

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