I will accept no substitutes

Seeing photographs in the paper today of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby in the Baz Luhrmann directed Gatsby film to be released later this year underwhelmed me in the extreme. As everyone knows I am possibly Robert Redford’s biggest fan and to my mind his performance was the perfect Jay Gatsby and cannot be improved upon. (Mia Farrow in the same film is another story – she irritated the life out of me as Daisy and I think Carey Mulligan could be infinitely better in the role.) If you need any convincing just look at this…

DiCaprio on set.

And now this…

Sorry Leo but THIS is Jay Gatsby

And furthermore…while we’re on the subject…making a new Bourne film without Matt Damon is a huge mistake. Damon bowed out of the Bourne Legacy as Paul Greengrass wasn’t interested in directing a fourth installment of the series. Instead they have brought on board Jeremy Renner as another CIA Treadstone operative. The trailer was released yesterday and while it looks good, I won’t be rushing to the cinema with the same sense of urgency as if Damon had been starring in this.

Moviemakers, why do you insist on messing with an unbeatable formula?!

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