This day next week is the dreaded V Day. I say “dreaded” as I loathe the crass commercialism around this particular holiday; restaurant tables crammed together to fit as many punters in as possible, bad “romantic” themed food, sentimental teddy bears, etc.

However everyone knows my thoughts on lingerie and as far as I am concerned there is no better time to treat yourself to some gorgeous frillies than Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re a single girl!  It’s almost like you’re sticking two fingers up to the world (sartorially speaking of course) and proclaiming your independence! If you have some spare cash lying around and feel like a luxe treat then Bordelle would be one of my first choices.

Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style is as much of a lingerie addict as I am and I first heard about Bordelle through her. Susie Bubble is also a huge fan of the label. Bordelle started off solely creating lingerie and are now known for their corsetry and structured bodywear, like the amazing Angela dress featured below. Of course at these prices they ain’t giving it away, but it is stunning stuff and will definitely make any woman feel like a million dollah!

(If you don’t have that kinda cash lying around and still want to treat yourself, head on over to ASOS where they are doing a 20% discount on selected lingerie for today only.)

Classic Angela Dress
Nouvelle Justine Bra and Hipster Brief
Infragante Bodice and High Waisted Briefs
Nouvelle Valentine Bra and Suspender Brief

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