A visual palate cleanser if you will…

I’m suffering consumption overload. Every five minutes my inbox pings with another sale email and before Christmas every retailer in the world was emailing me with news of yet another can’t miss half price exclusive offer. I don’t want to buy anything. I want to live in the clothes I have, accessorise with what I’ve got, love the shoes I already own. I need some respite and I’m only going to buy something when I absolutely positively cannot do without it, when I am so excited by something that it becomes a must have.

So instead of showing you some clothes or a new designer or some gorgeous jewellery, today I’m giving you a feast for the eyes. Here’s a video of the best of street style photography from 2011 called Auld Lang Syne and compiled by Yokoo Gibraan.

One thought on “A visual palate cleanser if you will…

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