Happy Christmas…and a wee break…

Christmas is almost upon us so I shall be taking a little blogging break and The Multiverse will return on Monday 2nd January. If you are bored over the holiday season here are some links to keep you occupied:

1. Ask A Dude on The Hairpin: The Hairpin is a brilliant female oriented blog with often hilarious posts commenting on aspects of modern life, celebrity culture and completely random stuff that takes the fancy of its writers. Ask A Dude is an agony uncle segment where a rotating series of Dudes (AKA the Dude Squad) attempts to answer various dilemmas posed by Hairpin readers. The advice is spot on, the Dudes seem morally sound, intelligent and funny and you’ll end up reading the archives in no time.

2. Winona Ryder’s Forever Sweater on The Awl: One of the few things that has made me laugh out loud in recent weeks, this meditation on Winona Ryder’s infamous shoplifting incident is original and brilliant. “Marc by Marc Jacobs or Marc Jacobs?”

3. McSweeney’s is always a reliably good source of amusement and this article detailing A Short History of the Norse Occupation of Dublin for Bostonians is great. And I think it’s factually kinda correct!

4. Teachers get their own back via Tumblr. Shit My Students Write makes me think that teachers have really earned their holidays right now.

5. If Celebrities Moved to Oklahoma has some pretty grim pics of Britney, the Beckhams and Jennifer Aniston, amongst many others, demonstrating the difference that lots of money, personal trainers, designer clothes and plastic surgery can make to someone. (The Johnny Depp one scares me.)

6. This article on dolphins may make you reconsider their inherent cute factor.

7. I want to own one of these please. AWESOME!

8. This article on “the medium chill” raises some interesting points to mull over regarding work/life balance and happiness.

9. These amazing photographs taken by Steve McCurry ignite my wanderlust for faraway places.

10. Love this link that my friend Kelly sent me on why you should Date A Girl Who Reads, especially the last line.

And if you’re still bored after all that try trawling the Random archives on The Multiverse and see if there’s anything there to tickle your fancy. Happy Christmas!

2011 World Tree of Hope in San Francisco

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