Max Benjamin Candles

Debate raged at earlier this week regarding scented candles and whether they are a Christmas cop out present or something anyone would like to find under the tree. As far as I am concerned, scented candles are always a gorgeous present to receive especially at Christmas. While Diptyque (sold at Brown Thomas) have led the way they are very expensive. I love Voluspa candles which you can buy online from the UK but if you want to buy Irish (and in these tough financial times it should be a priority for us all) then Max Benjamin candles are the way to go. You can find them in many shops but you can also buy online at their own site.

The French Linen Water is a beautiful scent for daytime, the Dodici is elegant and perfect for evening, and they also do a lovely Christmas range scented with cloves and cinnamon. The candes are just €28 and they last for a really long time, plus the wax is biodegradable and is a renewable and sustainable resource.

2 thoughts on “Max Benjamin Candles

  1. Róisín Ní Mhórdha

    Beautiful choice of candle. Love Max Benjamin candles and have sent them as gifts to friends in New York, and think they make a perfect gift.

    Thought you might like to know that the covetous Voluspa candles are now being sold exclusively in Ireland by Louise Kennedy at her store at 56 Merrion Square.


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