Style Inspirations – George Cortina

It has been pointed out on The Multiverse Facebook page that I don’t often post about men’s fashion and looking back on the archives it’s true! I have previously covered Lapo Elkann‘s impeccable style in one of my first Style Inspirations posts and also did a recent post on Italian style for men inspired by my trip to Rome in September. So in attempt to balance things out a little I thought I’d introduce you to George Cortina, stylist and Associate Fashion Director at Vogue Nippon.

George has a classic, clean style, often wearing simple monochrome and dark shades of blue and green. He favours good Italian tailoring, perfectly fitted with crisp lines. I love his little punk touches like the close-up below of his Balenciaga boots with frayed jean hems half tucked in (a couture version of Bender in The Breakfast Club!). His pairing of a navy velvet tux jacket with khaki trousers is genius, seemingly simple but a great clash of texture and colour. And he always rocks a cool pair of glasses! George is classic with an unexpected twist and I love his style.

Pic by The Sartorialist
Pic By Stockholm Street Style
With Anna Dello Russo. Pic by The Sartorialist
Pic by The Sartorialist
Pic by Vogue Italia
Pic by

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