Vlieger & Vandam

Most women have a passion for collecting something. Some collect shoes, some collect jewellery, some are into hats, and lots go for bags. Designer bags are an easy way to communicate your personality with just one accessory. Hip downtown girl carries Alexander Wang, whimsical feminine girl carries Miu Miu, edgy rock and roll girl carries Balenciaga, classic chic girl carries Chanel.

I don’t usually covet handbags but when I saw the amazing Guardian Angel leather clutch from Vlieger & Vandam I did an audible “squeeeeeeeee” of excitement. While most designers bags are out of my price range this one is under €200 and just the kind of thing I’d love to wear. It also comes with a detachable strap. Best of all the Vlieger & Vandam site caters for shipping to Ireland.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2004 Vlieger & Vandam is an accessories label creating bags and small leather goods. In 2006 MoMA in New York added a Guardian Angel bag to its permanent collection cementing the brand’s growing status amongst fashionistas and design addicts alike.

Guardian Angel Clutch
Guardian Angel Tote
Guardian Angel Soft
Guardian Angel Small

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