Tom Binns

I’ve been a fan of Tom Binns jewellery since I first saw his designs in Vogue many many years ago. He has worked a lot in silver and created some beautiful pieces, which have been seen on Princess Diana, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, The Olsen sisters and Daphne Guinness amongst others. I recently saw some of his new collections on Net A Porter and was instantly captivated by his neon crystal Masai necklaces. This is statement jewellery at its best, the kind of piece that becomes the focal point of a look. Team one of these with a simple t-shirt and jeans and it elevates the outfit, pulling everything together. Definitely a new entry on my jewellery lust list.

"Slap Dash' Neon Yellow Paint Splattered Masai Necklace
'Noble Savage' Multiple Stud and Crystal Necklace
'Fauve Pastelle' Pastelle Necklace
'Punk Chic' Silver Multi Safety Pin Necklace
'Ethno Teknik' Hand Painted Crystal Masai Necklace
'Faux Real' Multi Colour Crystal Necklace with Round Stones

(All pics from Tom Binns Design. Click pics to be taken to website)


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