The perfect title.

I have already embarked on the second draft of my novel and so far am about three chapters in. It’s a more laborious process this time around. The first draft had much more momentum as I was concerned primarily with plot and characters; getting the story down before it got away from me. This second draft is more focussed on the language used to tell the story, honing and polishing the prose, making sure that each sentence is as good as it can be. On average for the first draft I was getting between 1500-2000 words done in a day. Now I’m down to about 200 even though I’m spending just as much time on it.

One of the things that is nagging at me is the fact that I don’t yet have a title for the book. With my first book I thought of the title fairly quickly and I still love it. It’s one word, simple, would look great on a cover and relates to the subject matter in more than one way. This time around I’m coming up blank and don’t even have any possible contenders. It reminded me of this article which discusses rejected titles for famous novels.

Did you know that Fitzgerald toyed with Trimalchio in West Egg, Among Ash-Heaps and Millionaires, On the Road to West Egg, Under the Red, White, and Blue, Gold-Hatted Gatsby, and The High-Bouncing Lovers before settling on The Great Gatsby? You can read about this and 24 others in the article on Flavorwire. Enjoy!

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