Album Covers Come Alive

Found this amazing video on Youtube and had to share it. It’s brilliantly creative and very funny. Enjoy!


Hogan McLaughlin

When Daphne Guinness, fashion doyenne and artist, becomes your first customer it doesn’t just mean you’ve sold a piece but it’s also a stamp of approval from one of fashion’s most creative and well respected characters. Hogan McLaughlin, 22 year old artist, fashion designer and former ballet dancer, was commissioned by Guinness to design some items for her and as a result has come to public attention for his beautiful work. Guinness said, “Within the first 15 minutes, I knew he had a gift. He is a voice that has to be heard. His drawings and illustrations are extraordinary in their execution and detail and through those drawings, they needed to be brought to life. He has the innate artistic gift that is like finding a rare flower blossoming in the wasteland. I believe in him and what he is doing.”

Hogan’s pieces are certainly along the lines of Daphne’s preferred aesthetic; dramatic, elegant, structured. To me it could almost be described as cross between a 19th Century dandy and a futuristic aristocrat. I love his work. His use of materials is stunning – I’d love to examine the pieces in person to see the weight of each garment and to see how they move. The cut of each piece has incredible attention to detail and is beautifully finished. To my mind Hogan is a master in the making and I look forward to seeing his direction in future years.

Silk-chiffon military coat with tiered train, entirely embellished with metallic-silver palettes, lined in silver silk-lame.
Black neoprene and heavy-bonded satin with metal zipper detail.
Black heavy-bonded satin dinner coat with removable front piece, lined in white silk.
White sheer silk-gauze "Shipwreck" gown built on a nude coutil corset.
Detail: White sheer silk-gauze "Shipwreck" gown built on a nude coutil corset.
Black sheer silk-gauze gown built on a nude coutil corset.
Detail: Black sheer silk-gauze gown built on a nude coutil corset.

Metal Couture Jewellery

Etsy has come up with a new system similar to the Genius Recommendations on iTunes or the recommendations based on past purchases on Amazon. It’s because of this that I found Metal Couture by William Llewellyn Griffiths and more specifically this stunning ring. It’s a sterling silver revolver ring with a Mother of Pearl handle and a spinning chamber. The detail and craftsmanship are absolutely stunning and I have fallen in madly in jewellery love! Available here.

Sterling Silver Revolver Ring

A new gangster movie with Damon and Affleck

The news that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are developing a movie based on the notorious American mobster Whitey Bulger filled me with good cheer! As you already know I am a big fan of gangster films and Bulger’s story is chock full of potential. In fact Bulger’s story inspired Jack Nicholson’s character in Scorsese’s The Departed. After 16 years on the run Bulger was finally apprehended in June of this year, thus ending a criminal career that had spanned 67 years and included drug dealing, extortion, theft and 19 counts of murder.

Matt Damon when interviewed by GQ last month confirmed that the Good Will Hunting duo would work on the project, with Damon starring and Affleck directing. I think Affleck’s real strength is in directing; Gone Baby Gone was brilliant and The Town is one of my favourite movies of 2010. It looks like the Untitled Whitey Bulger project (as it’s called on iMDb) won’t be released until 2014 but it’s definitely one to watch out for.

FBI Poster for James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger

Colin Stetson

My Dad forwarded me this link last week. Understandably he was blown away by it being a saxophonist himself. I watched it, then rewatched it and watched it again! It features Colin Stetson, an American saxophonist who has played with Arcade Fire, Tom Waits, Feist, Laurie Anderson, LCD Soundsystem, The National, David Byrne and Lou Reed. Colin has also released solo recordings on saxophones, clarinets, cornet, french horn and flute.

As can be seen from this video, Colin’s technique is remarkable and he achieves his sound without loops or overdubbing. He uses circular breathing (given that he’s performing on a bass saxophone I have no idea how he doesn’t pass out) and also taps the keys on the sax to create percussion sounds. Truly phenomenal. Check it.