Halloween Inspiration in the form of Mo

You may remember last week I mentioned that my friend Mo was responsible for my newfound appreciation for Halloween. I thought I would dedicate a post to Mo so that you readers can see just how seriously this girl takes this holiday and everything associated with it. (To give you an idea, she is currently doing an advent-style photographic countdown to Halloween on her Facebook page AND hosting the mother of all fancy dress parties this weekend!)

Mo’s costumes are legendary. Some of the ones I can remember include Leeloo from the Fifth Element, a disco fairy, and Melanie Daniels from the Birds. How could one fail to be inspired by such a creative and enthusiastic person? Personally I know the highlight of my Halloween will be showing up at Mo’s house over the weekend and seeing her reaction to my costume!

Vampire Mo - taken in the mid 90s!
Little Red Riding Mo
Mo as Pris from Blade Runner
Mo and Me as Twilight Vampires

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