Literary Halloween Costumes

As I get older I’m growing to love Halloween. I was never one for dressing up much as a child but over the last couple of years I’ve gotten into it, mainly because my friend Mo’s enthusiasm is so contagious. I also carved my first pumpkin last Halloween so you can’t say I’m not willing to try new things.

Have been thinking about possible Halloween costumes and I thought that maybe a literary theme might be in order this year. (This came after the realisation that I actually own the clothes required to dress up like this which sort of unsettled me and so I decided not to go with it.) Here are the options I’ve come up with so far:

1. Alex from A Clockwork Orange

A pretty easy costume plus…his name’s Alex…my name’s Alex…woooo…spooky!

2. Alice in Wonderland

Continuing with the name thing…Alex in Wonderland.

3. Miss Havisham from Great Expectations

I loved Anne Bancroft’s version of this character; two tone bob, 20s flapper dresses and a mile long cigarette holder. I’d probably go the more traditional route with a powdered wig, decaying dress and millions of necklaces.

4. Donna Tartt

I’ve always wanted an excuse to buy a severe brunette wig and I already have the clothes required for this. Plus I have both her books so I could carry The Secret History with me in case the costume wasn’t immediately obvious.

Thoughts anyone?


4 thoughts on “Literary Halloween Costumes

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