All about classic black accessories

I’ve had the same All Saints bag for five years now and it was probably one of the best investments I ever made. It’s slouchy, black and huge! The leather is great and it has held up well considering how much abuse I’ve put it through. I was on the lookout for a something to replace it and I wanted something a bit more structured and easier to find things in. I also wanted something that might be able to take my laptop. Zara came to the rescue (click the pics to buy online):

Zara Plaited Shopper

Additionally a pair of classic black courts was in order. I have been busy stocking up on flats and boots, plus my last court shoes died a death earlier in the year. Lo and behold Zara had the perfect pair. I love the asymmetric detailing.

Zara Ankle Boot Style Court Shoe
Zara Ankle Boot Style Court Shoe

Both were purchased and I await delivery this week!


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