Mario Testino, “Todo o Nada”, Fondazione Memmo Rome.

Whilst wandering around Rome last week (have I mentioned that I was on holiday there?!) I happened upon a series of notices running along the side of a building. All they said was “Mario Testino: Todo o Nada“. Recognising the name of one of my favourite fashion photographers I continued on looking for a clue and I found an exhibition. Todo o Nada opened at Fondazione Memmo in July of this year and the exhibition launch was co-hosted by Fendi, Gucci and Valentino. I had no idea this was on and was delighted to find it – a very happy accident.

The exhibition contains fifty four photographs of models and celebrities in varying states of undress. Testino’s two great passions in photography are fashion and the nude female form and the exhibition shows the greatest of these images. They have been blown up to an enormous size and the first image that greets the attendee is a portrait of Stella Tennant in pale green haute couture printed onto a sheet of fabric that was easily 10 ft x 8 ft. There are some stunning images in the show and Testino’s genius sense of colour and composition is to be greatly admired. If you need an excuse to go to Rome (but seriously, who needs an excuse to go to Rome?) then this is it. The show continues until November 23rd.

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