Classic Italian Style…for the boys

Last week the place to be, in fashion terms, was Milan for SS2012 Fashion Week. It was not however where I was! I was in Rome for the first time. While there were lots of lovely women (in amongst the HORDES of tourists, which I know is a bit rich considering I was a tourist too, but I have never seen anything like it..worse than any other city I’ve ever been to…where were all the Italians?) I was particularly taken by the men’s fashion. Italian men as a whole are much more smartly turned out than almost any other nationality I’ve encountered.

They are distinctive by their attention to detail and their insistence on quality. They wear beautifully tailored clothes which are the best they can afford. In particular I love the way they wear suits. Generally they prefer single breasted jackets which button up quite high and slimmer trousers than Irish or English versions. I didn’t see any garish pinstripes or excessive patterning which was a relief, and any accessories were leather and burnished to perfection.

In addition, pretty much every single Italian man smells divine. Nothing too modern or faddy, just a simple clean aftershave which is fairly unobtrusive and classically masculine. This in combination with their clothes and gorgeous accents means it’s fairly easy to have your head turned!

I’m not a street style photographer so I didn’t take any pics of the stylish men I saw, however I thought I’d illustrate this by way of Scott Schuman, AKA The Sartorialist, who has a wealth of material in his archives. From suits to casual these guys wear it well and are the epitome of classic Italian style.

At Pitti Uomo, Florence 2007
At Etro, Milan 2007
At Pitti Uomo, Florence 2007
Simone Righi, Florence 2009
Florence 2009

(All pics by The Sartorialist)


6 thoughts on “Classic Italian Style…for the boys

  1. Róisín Ní Mhórdha

    Grazie mille! I felt it was the most appropriate comment to make to your post. Thrilled you made it to bella Roma. It’s hard to get a shot at the Trevi Fountain because of the tourists.

  2. I absolutely love Italy, the style, food, wine, history and the sights – especially of the opposite sex! What’s not to love?!? (hmmm…perhaps the slight inferiority complex I would develop amongst all those incredibly stylish Italian men, they put me to shame! 🙂 )

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