The Coveteur

I discovered The Coveteur through Garance Dore’s website last week. The Coveteur is an interiors website with a fashion twist; they photograph fashion professionals’ homes generally focussing on a few particular treasures, such as a vintage dress hanging on a bookcase, a much loved pair of shoes balanced on a painting. The Dries Van Noten quote at the top of the site perfectly sums up their philosophy: “It’s more interesting to have just a picture of a small detail – then you can dream all the rest around it. Because when you see the whole thing, what is there to imagine?”

Being the fashion junkie that I am I immediately spent hours browsing through the archives, sighing over the interior details, the clothes and accessories and the beautifully composed photography. A sample of the gorgeous pics below. Click through to be taken to that house tour on the Coveteur website.

Monet Mazur's Jerome Rousseau shoes
Joanna Hillman's vintage mirror festooned with rhinestones
Sylvana Ward Durrett's slippers balanced on her husband's vinyl deck.
Jen Brill's Chanel shoes and bag
Hayley Atkin's vintage globes and vintage silver necklaces

2 thoughts on “The Coveteur

  1. I remember there was some contention around The Coveteur because they originally took the name The Coveted, which is already another blog – this led to much legal wrangling, boycotting and some poor behaviour on the side of The Coveteur. That being said, their photography is to die for and their tumblr is great too – more informal but still loads of lovely pictures. That book on Kiki’s Paris in the first picture is calling to me btw.

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