Elizabeth Taylor’s belongings at auction

The last great legend of the silver screen died in March and her belongings are to be auctioned at Christie’s in New York later this year. Elizabeth Taylor was a star from a young age and her success enabled her to live a lavish life. Her jewellery collection alone was museum worthy but additionally she collected art, haute couture, furniture, and film memorabilia.

It is of course the jewellery that will receive the most attention when it goes to auction on December 13th. Amongst the amazing lots are some of the famous pieces given to her by her great love, Richard Burton, which include La Peregrina (a pearl with a 500 year history including ownership by Queen Mary 1st), the 33 Carat Krupp Diamond now known as The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond and the Taj Mahal Diamond pendant which Burton bought for Taylor’s 40th birthday and which eventually became known as the Taylor Burton Diamond.

In Liz’s 2002 memoir My Love Affair With Jewelry she said, “I never, never thought of my jewellery as trophies. I’m here to take care of them and to love them. When I die and they go off to auction I hope whoever buys them gives them a really good home.”

Queen Mary 1st and Elizabeth Taylor both wearing La Peregrina
Wearing the 33 carat Krupp Diamond ring
Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor is wearing the 69 carat Taylor Burton Diamond.

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