Style Inspirations – Sandra Hagelstam

I am addicted to fashion blogs. I have about sixty of them bookmarked and am always on the look out for new inspiration. I have been following 5 Inch & Up for the last number of months. The blog is primarily made up of outfit posts by the blog owner Sandra Hagelstam, a Finnish girl living in London and studying at the London College of Fashion.

Although Sandra is a bit of a style chameleon, going from girlie and etheral to edgy in the space of a week, her outfits are always punctuated by amazing footwear. In fact her penchant for vertiginous heels gave rise to her blog’s name (just in case you thought it referred to something else…ahem). Sandra’s very creative in her approach to dressing, as can be seen by the second photo below where she has belted a blanket to create a very Westwood-inspired skirt, and she owns some fiercely covetable jewellery such as the amazing spine ring in the fourth picture.

Sandra mixes pieces from Martin Margiela, Acne and Alexander Wang together with Zara and Topshop, so her blog has lots of affordable pieces showcased on it. I find it a great source of outfit inspiration and look forward to the time when Sandra is designing a label of her own.

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