Stella Gibbons

I’m glad to hear that Vintage Classics are re-issuing fourteen of Stella Gibbons’ novels in the coming months. Gibbons is most famous Cold Comfort Farm, a parody of the rural novels so popular at the time. I read Cold Comfort Farm years ago and have returned to it many times since.

In the novel, a young sensible girl called Flora Poste goes to stay with her relatives, the Starkadder family, who live in the country. The Starkadders are a strange bunch with many problems and Flora sets about sorting out each of their lives with common sense and good humour. It’s very funny and Gibbons is brilliant at creating very likeable and well rounded characters.

Gibbons went on to write twenty-five novels, three volumes of short stories, and four volumes of poetry, but it is for Cold Comfort Farm that she is remembered and in fact most of her work has been out of print for decades. Starlight and Westwood are the two I’m most looking forward to getting my hands on when the Vintage Classics editions come out.

Stella Gibbons

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