Shu Uemura comes to Brown Thomas

Thank God! Shu Uemura are the makers of the best cleansing oil known to woman. I have been a devotee of this stuff for years but always bought it online or when I was up visiting relatives in Belfast as I couldn’t get it in Dublin. The company make several versions of this oil depending on your skin type so even if you have oily skin there’s one to suit you and despite what you might think it won’t make your skin any oiler. This stuff removes all traces of make-up leaving your skin soft and clean. I can’t recommend it highly enough! The large bottle is pricey at approximately €70 but it lasts for about six months so it’s well worth it.

Shu Uemura is set to hit Brown Thomas in August so make sure you get in and get some samples. I’m also a big fan of their make-up brushes and their blushers. There’ll be lots on the counter to discover!

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