Vintage Textile

Due to the lack of serious vintage shops in Dublin, I often trawl the interweb to see what’s on offer elsewhere. I recently came across Vintage Textile, an American site stocked full of vintage and antique treasures. The pieces on the site seem to be in excellent condition and range in age from the late 1700s to the 1990s. Of course they’re not cheap (since when have I ever liked something I could actually afford?!) but quality like this is worth paying for. These are garments to be collected by a dedicated fashion lover, to be worn and loved and appreciated for the works of art they are.

Some of my favourites from the site are pictured below. Click on the pics to be taken to their home on the Vintage Textile site where you can read detailed descriptions and measurements.

1920s Flapper dress, $1400
1920s Flapper Dress, $1,100
1990s Adrienne Landau evening coat, $1950
1980s Mary McFadden quilted silk evening coat, $1,400
1970s Fox Fur Coat, $1,400
1860s Chantilly Lace Parasol, $900
c. 1910 Princess Lace Wedding Dress, $1,600

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