The Multiverse at Dublin Flea Market, Sunday 26th June 2011

I am moving in two weeks and as part of the big clear out I decided to take a stall at the Dublin Flea Market this Sunday. This will be my millionth move (actually my 18th but I’ve always been prone to hyperbole) and I’ve decided to try to cull and consolidate my belongings. I’m selling clothes, CDs and books. I’m selling the clothes mostly because I have outgrown them, literally! I went on antidepressants three years ago and as a result I gained about half a stone, so I have lots of good quality clothes that unfortunately don’t fit me any more. The stuff I’m selling includes; a heavy black wool cardigan/coat with a fur collar by Bench; a Malene Birger nude coloured top, worn only once; a couple of pairs of tweed trousers; many tops; some shoes (size 37); a grey metallic All Saints dress/tunic; a grey and black plaid Topshop bomber jacket (very Gwen Stefani); amongst many, many, others! I also have some random bits of homeware for sale.

The best news? Nothing will be over €50 and in fact most of it will be less than €20. Come down and have a look. The Flea Market has tons of stalls selling all kinds of goodies, food, coffee and music so it will be a nice way to spend an hour in Dublin and you might even come away with a Multiverse item. See you there!

Things to remember:

The Flea is located in The Co-Op on Newmarket Square in Dublin 8. There is free parking on the square and the surrounding roads on Sunday. The nearest banklink is beside St Patrick’s Cathedral, however the tills at the organic food store offer a cashback facility with Laser transactions. Buses that go to Cork St. (closest stop to Newmarket) are numbers 50, 56a, 77, 77a, 150 and 151.


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