Jane Kenny

I have known Jane Kenny for a couple of years and as we’re both DJs and bloggers (Jane runs the fab blog Noisy Shoes) we have a lot in common. Jane has just completed a degree in Textile Design in NCAD, Dublin, and I asked if I could feature some of her beautiful degree show work here on the blog.

The collection Jane created is called Disco Warrior and the prints are inspired by flowers, tribalism and a disco attitude. Jane wanted to create a floral collection that had a hardness that relates to the contradiction that exists within the modern woman – strength and boldness combined with a delicate fragility – and she used leather and silk to interpret the conflict between hard and soft. Jane took inspiration from tribalism and abstract art to create patterns that alluded to florals but were more of an abstract interpretation.

Obviously Jane’s focus is on the textiles and fabric used to create the pieces. She used gold foiling on one of the dresses to add a lustrous metallic element, which also gave opacity to an otherwise transparent fabric. She used devoré techniques to integrate the print into the fabric, as well as creating a matte transparency that contrasted well with the sheen of the base silk fabric, and also used digital printing to capture the full detail of the photographic elements of the collection, while playing with the scale.

I love the finished pieces Jane has created and wish her all the best with her new career in design. I’m sure it’ll be a success.

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