F*ckYeah – Hair

I was recently looking for inspiration for hairstyles and came across two great resources. The first was the section on hair tutorials on Beth Jones’ website, B. Jones Style (she calls this section “your cheapest accessory” which I think is great!). The second was the blog FuckYeah – Hair. It’s a Tumblr blog that contains images of hairstyles, both reader submitted pics through to editorial work. There’s pages upon pages of inspiration from dreadlocks, to ombre, hairstyles and dye jobs. It’s inspired me to experiment a little. After all I have the perfect hair for it as it’s straight and quite long. I’ll let you know if I can figure out how to do a fishtail plait it my own hair – it’s my new obsession!

Love this "ombre" effect dye
I would LOVE to have hair this colour
I really want to try a fishtail plait (far right) in my hair
Perfectly mussed-up plait
Love this fishtail plait/bun combo


One thought on “F*ckYeah – Hair

  1. I’m with you so bored with my own hair right now too. I was thinking of chopping it up but I chickened out as I’m quite attached to a long mane šŸ˜‰ So for the first time I put a dye in it darker than my natural colour – I’m really not liking it I miss the different tones from my natural colour (the grass is always greener! ;)) lucky for me its only a wash in wash out so hopefully it will fade soon.

    I generally wear my hair in a plait each day, quick and easy and keeps it under control – I love the pics especially the side fish tail. I must give it a go found a how to here like you I’m a fish tail virgin,


    Keep us posted if you experiment with some dyes – although your natural colour I fab…

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