Dolce and Gabbana

I have been feeling a bit blue over the last few days. I think it’s a combination of moving soon (I have to leave my house at the end of June – sob!), finishing the first draft of my book (it’s a bit of a wrench having spent so many months working at it every day) and being broke (such is the lot of an unpublished writer). I decided to cheer myself up today by dreaming about the kind of things I’d love to buy if I came into some money. It’s a familiar dream to regular readers of the blog!

I think number one on my list would be a lace dress from Dolce and Gabbana. They do lace dresses every season and I have always adored them. They are so feminine, a very flattering length and beautifully tailored. The lace dress is the signature Dolce and Gabbana piece and conjures up visions of sexy sirens like Sophia Loren and Monica Belluci.

In an ideal world I’d have a black lace one for winter and a white lace one for summer. For SS 2011 the duo were celebrating 25 years in the business and their collection was almost entirely white, perhaps a cleansing of their creative palette in readiness for the next 25 years. There was an abundance of timeless elegant dresses. I’d take my pick from these:

(All pics from

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